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Omgevingstekenen (excerpt)

The lines drawn by Johan Gelper get a third dimension and scan into space. Thereby he wants to consciously raise questions on the status of the drawing. His installations are not static, but can be fit in and adjusted to the exhibition space. They require a somatic experience and are therefore difficult to photograph. 


Gelper likes to use for his installations both natural and artificial objects and materials. Found materials, such as plastic objects, branches, parts of old furniture or cars, all kinds of packaging materials, are included in an organic way in both sculptures and adaptable installations. Gelper works with a fascination for nature, plants and growing motions, but also rhythm and physical sensitivity. Each work arises out of a previous work and from the observation of and the reflection on its environment. The resulting abstract shapes allow to be read in different ways. Gelper implements this multilayered interpretation not only in his sculptures and installations, but also in his drawings, where nature and machines seamlessly integrate. _


Edith Doove, 2008

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