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2023 Demountable spatial drawings, Lechbinska Gallery, Zürich CH

2022 Geotropism, V/MSP Gallery, Brussels BE

2021 Huize St. Bonaventura, Ghent BE

2020 Zhixin Liao (CN), Johan Gelper (BE), har. art gallery / keilecollectief, Rotterdam BE
2020 D'Apostrof, Constellations With Borrowed Forms, Meigem BE

2018 One, Ghent BE
2018 Motion without Movement, V/MSP Gallery, Brussels BE
2018 Constellation With Borrowed Forms, Curiosity, Ghent BE
2018 PARK 03: Christophe Malfliet BE, Johan Gelper BE, SECONDroom Gent, Ghent BE

2017 Open studio / Presentation Botanicals, 2017 edition for The friends of S.M.A.K., Ghent BE

2016 SB25, Salon Blanc, Ostend BE
2016 Borrowed forms: Johan Gelper BE invites Wannes Lecompte BE, DMW Art Space, Antwerp BE
2016 Korneel Avijn BE, Johan Gelper BE, Zaal 29, Waregem BE

2015 Motion without Movement, V/MSP Gallery (OMS Pradhan), Brussels BE
2015 Curiosity, Ghent BE
2014 Curiosity, Ghent BE
2013 Marion De Cannière, Antwerp BE 
2013 Guy Rombouts BE, Johan Gelper BE, Gallery EL, Welle BE

2012 Gasthuiskapel, Borgloon BE
2012 Ricou Gallery, Brussels BE
2010 Galerie EL, Welle BE
2010 Ricou Gallery, Brussels BE
2010 Tom Jooris, Johan Gelper, Loods12, Wetteren BE

2009 Marion De Cannière, Antwerp BE
2008 Demountable Sculpturepark II, Galerie EL, Welle BE
2008 Spatial drawing installation and interventions,crox 257, croxhapox, Ghent BE
2008 Galerie EL, Welle BE
2008 Steven Baelen, Johan Gelper, Galery EL, Welle BE

2007 Kubusruimte / crox 217, croxhapox, Ghent BE
2005 Galerie EL, Spatial Drawing, Welle BE
2004 Spatial Drawings / Kamer XII, Sint Lucas College of Science and Art, Ghent BE


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