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Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland




S.M.A.K. Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, Belgium

Works purchased regarding Young Artists (selected by) 2007 and 2008


"Shed" (2007) 

"Wind Simulation" (2007) 

"Organisch vierkant" (2007)


"Constructie" (2007)


Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium Collection

Two collages purchased by Geert Verbeke in 2009 @ Marion De Canniere, Antwerp BE 

"Reversible" (2008) 

"Constructed living organism" (2008)


SONS Museum (shoes or no shoes?) 

Donation at the request of the SONS project by Veerle Swenters & Pierre Bogaerts in 2019

Shift (2007)


Province East Flanders, Ghent, Belgium 

Works purchased regarding the provincial prize, 2008 (nomination premium)

"Botanical Sculpture" (2006)

"Random Movement" (2006)

"Inside Out" (2006)

"Botanical" (2007)

"Botanical" (2007)


Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium


Donation following residency in 2013

"Botanical" (2013)


Collection of the city of Waregem, Belgium 

Donation following 2006 exhibition at Zaal 29, Waregem, BE 


"Botanical" (2008)


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